Petro-7 Mexico is a network of service stations with over 270 establishments and around 200 thousand daily customers. Since its foundation, Petro-7 has focused on delivering the best service to people who value the shopping experience and are constantly moving.
Frogmi®, as a technological ally, actively contributes to optimizing the service stations’ Management Model, addressing different processes, and leveraging the value of digitization for optimal decision-making. Likewise, with the support and accompaniment of the Customer Success team, Petro-7 expects to take full advantage of the platform’s capabilities.

“The team is highly motivated with the implementation of Frogmi®. The support and collaboration have been of the best quality, always looking for innovative and useful solutions for our stations’ operation ” – Ana María Concha, Operational Processes Manager at Petro Seven.

“Frogmi® has been a great ally in my management, and for the follow-up of my stations, since I can identify the KPIs that are affecting my area and based on that information I can take timely action for improvement” – Silvia Morales, Field Manager at Petro Seven

“Working with Petro-7 has been very efficient from the beginning. We have achieved the synergy between both teams to meet all deadlines and migrate processes to Frogmi®.
In less than four weeks, we launched tests in the first service stations, obtaining an excellent reception from the operation. We hope to continue growing and adding value at Petro-7″ – Laura Gutiérrez, Customer Success Senior at Frogmi®.

On behalf of the entire company, we welcome Petro-7, a brand that is part of Iconn, a holding company with 100 years in the retail industry in Mexico. We are confident that we will achieve fantastic results in this new phase.