Consumer preference for in-store shopping is as strong as ever, which is why it has become impossible to overcome the impact of interacting with the product. In this sense, the queen in this type of sale continues to be in-store implementation. Convenience stores and supermarkets commonly use gondolas and displays to exhibit products, substantially impacting consumers’ purchase decisions. But the low availability and high recurrence in stock-outs strongly affect sales.

With hundreds of thousands of products in a salesroom and high intensity of promotional events that trigger demand, having good visibility of product availability on the shelf becomes very complex.

For decades, different methodologies and tools have been used that have not solved the problems in the quality of service, which is why it has become of great importance to incorporate new technologies into these vital spaces for this type of sales.

Being attentive to the customer’s behavior and persevering in the way products are displayed is essential to making a profitable sale. In this sense, it is decisive to consider as strategic indicators

You must have control and manage the variables that influence the sale’s success.  Hence the relevance of technological solutions that contribute to meeting these indicators. Frogmi’s Shelf Manager solution allows stores to consolidate all tasks related to product management in one place through an easy-to-use mobile tool. It mainly focuses on the correct availability of products, price implementation, and the optimal implementation of commercial actions at a store level. Thanks to Shelf Manager, productivity Increases by up to 30% in the execution of tasks efficiently, since it allows to quantify them to prioritize the activities in the store, guaranteeing an adequate display that meets the set objectives.