Crystal is a Colombian company that markets apparel and fashion brands. With nearly ninety years of experience in the market, it has more than 250 stores in Colombia. Its also present in 13 other Latin American countries through its brands Gef, Punto Blanco, Baby Fresh, Galax, and Casino, and 6 high-performance manufacturing plants.

Motivated by its focus on constant innovation, Crystal was looking for a technological partner that would allow it to digitize its operational processes and unify the communication channel with the stores. It finally selected Frogmi, mainly motivated by its ability to go beyond the tasks’ standardization. Through StoreBeat, Crystal will have its processes step-by-step in the mobile application, and automatic corrective tasks will be automatically triggered in case of operation non-conformities.

“We needed to take the next step in the work methodology established in our stores to facilitate the team’s communication with the support areas, streamline processes and improve execution. The solutions provided by Frogmi will allow us to achieve this. We are very pleased to be able to establish this business relationship that allows us to continue moving forward to achieve our goals.” – Deiby Valencia – Retail Operations Manager at Crystal.

Now, communication to and from stores is done through Frogmi, centralizing information and facilitating the stores’ day-to-day operations. In addition, Stores, Area Managers, and Central Offices gained complete traceability and can oversee results in real-time thanks to processes standardization and automatic data consolidation.

“The Customer Success team has always been available, providing timely answers and solutions. We have worked together to structure all the critical issues before launching the application to the stores, always thinking about making their work easier and their operation more efficient.
Thanks to their experience with different Retailers, they have guided us to review and question some of our processes, checklists, and tasks, making them genuinely value-adding and aiming to obtain better in-store results, according to our needs.” – Sara Giraldo Trujillo – Head of Retail Communications at Crystal.

We welcome you to Crystal! We are confident that we will achieve excellent results together, streamlining communication and store operations.

“Crystal is a client with impressive potential. We have high expectations, given the nature of their business, the ample opportunities to use the platform, and the incredible team commitment. It has been a pleasure to share and work together. I am confident that we will meet the goals we set out when we started this project” – Esteban Cea – Customer Success Manager Senior at Frogmi.