Much has been said about implementing 2.0 systems (Interconnected through the web) that optimize the flow and timing of development activities in our workplace. With the arrival of this new reality, the whole world realized that this possibility must be done with greater urgency than we all anticipated.

When we talk about these 2.0 Systems, what are we referring to? It is nothing more and nothing less than the effective way to automate, interconnect and solve the communicative processes within your organization and work areas. We are talking about a Task-management tool that will allow you to:

  • Improve actionability in stores.

  • Increase the productivity of the workforce.

  • Provide greater visibility to execution variables.

So, let’s think of this interconnection in a step-by-step process. We could consider the first stage as studying the different communication points in which your organization/sales floor has a deficit to map these processes and clarify how a 2.0 solution can help you optimize your internal processes.

IDC Mackinsey states that an average worker uses 40% of his time during the workday performing tasks not related to his role but that are part of the work process (communicating and collaborating internally, searching and gathering information, reading and answering emails). In a regular 40 hours per week, this would correspond to an average of 16 hours per week.

In this way, communication flows should be optimized by eliminating or adapting platforms, manual processes, and unstructured communication through informal channels (e.g., traditional chat channels) to clarify how current communication processes can hinder or speed up internal processes.

Finally, the possibility of optimizing the communication flow between store associates and the rest of the organization is supported by the implementation, study, and use of these 2.0 systems. However, the key will lie in the fourth step: Analyze the data received in real-time, both through the Task-Management tools and your employees’ voices. The systems will show how your communication flow is evolving, and your workers will reinforce or dismantle the tests you are performing. At the end of the day, they are the ones who live day by day the various pains that your organization/company faces.

Frogmi is a unique platform in the task-manager market that allows you to create multiple flows for requirements and incidents in a completely flexible way. It automatically connects different company areas in several high-impact use cases for in-store execution. Stores gain access to these features through the web-mobile app. Do you want to learn more about it?